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  A) Corporate Members


Most of corporations provide out-patient medical benefit for their members by taking out insurance policies or by self-insured (ie. covered by the corporations themselves).


Clinical (Out-patient) services include:

General Consultation

Specialist Consultation

Physiotherapy Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Consultation
Lab Investigation
  HMMP Ltd is a medical network covers close to 900 doctors. Corporations can enter into contracts with HMMP so that their staff and their dependents can enjoy out-patient services at fixed and reasonable cost. For selected corporations, we also offer credit facility to corporate members for services provided ie. members are not required to make payment at clinics; the fee would be invoiced to corporations or insurance companies direct.
  We help the HR Departments/Corporations to reduce their administrative work and cost, as well as members of the corporations to reduce their consultation cost.
  HMMP Ltd. has also fixed surgical fees and hospital visit fees for corporation members. Therefore, they can receive in-patient services with significant savings.
  Moreover, HMMP is supported by over 20 laboratories. All our corporation members can enjoy the laboratory services at 10 to 35% discount.
  For any enquiry, please call our hotline 2302 0418 or e-mail to


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