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Happy Valentine’s Special Offer
Happy Valentine’s Special Offer

The annual Valentine's Day come around again. Do you think of giving a peaceful mind for your beloved at this festival? For this Valentine's Day, we launch "1314 pre-marital health check" and "HPV vaccine program" promotion. Special offers are $ 698 for one person and $1,314 for two persons respectively. Please call us at 2302 0418 for any inquires and more details。

"1314 pre-marital health check," is mainly provided for the couples who are going to be married to check their health before marriage. Giving a peaceful mind for your beloved by understanding the health of themselves and their partner. If early detection of recessive disease or genetic disease, it is recommended to see doctor and learn more on fertility.

"HPV vaccine program" can prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV oncogenic viruses, vaginal cancer, anal cancer, genital warts (broccoli) etc. as early as possible. Both men and women can be vaccinated to protect ourselves, partners and our next generation. The sooner vaccination, antibodies higher.

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