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HMMP Limited (HMMP) is a medical group managing a network of close to 900 medical clinics (including 260 specialists), 8 dental clinics, physiotherapy centers, Chinese Herbalist clinics and laboratory centers. They are located in the most populated and convenient areas in the territory. The general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists, Chinese Herbalists and laboratory echnicians in our network are all qualified and have seasoned experience.

We are a group of professionals committed to ethical and quality medical services at affordable prices.

HMMP is currently serving over 6000 multinational and major companies in Hong Kong as well as the government bodies. HMMP is always shortlisted by its clients and business partners for major projects because of the quality of our doctors, our technology niches built by the Company and our values.

Our service standard and quality not only address on the needs of the individual members but also the needs of the corporations and HR professionals.

We were the first company offering cardless system for all our client companies & members, under which the patient members can verify their identities and benefit entitlements by using their HKID cards at the clinics. It is very convenient for the members as they are not required to bring so many cards. Moreover, it could also reduce administration cost of HR Department: HR is free from verification, distribution and collection of the medical membership cards. As of today, HMMP is still striving for better service quality by enhancing it's technology.

We also offer various medical related services to members and corporations. Our aim is to improve the health quality of the members and reduce the medical cost and risk for the members/corporations. For details, please refer to Our Network Services.

If you are interested in our professional services and how we can assist you to achieve the above, please call our hotline 2302 0418 or e-mail to
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